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Prairie is a native, fine-textured, granny smith apple green buffalograss that is adaptable to many climates. This stoloniferous grass has a natural uniform appearance and good density that produces a thick turf carpet. Prairie has a slow rate of spread and will attain a mature non-mowed height between 4-6 inches and at maturity requires infrequent supplemental irrigation to maintain quality turf. It is recommended for use as a minimal maintenance turfgrass for roadsides, industrial parks and non-irrigated landscape sites. It grows best in soils with high clay content and is not recommended for sandy soil sites. Prairie buffalograss is a female cultivar of the species Buchloe dactyloides (Mutt). Engelm., selected and developed for its turf-type characteristics. It creates a grannie smith apple green, dense, fine-textured, stoloniferous turf. It is propagated vegetatively by sod, sprigs, or plugs. Prairie buffalograss spreads faster, is more dense, and creates a more uniform higher quality turf than other commercially available buffalograss cultivars. Under normal recommended management practices, Prairie buffalograss will attain a mature non-mowed plant height between 4 and 6 inches. Its optimum mowing height ranges from 1.5 to 2 inches for highest quality turf. Mature, fully established, and properly managed Prairie buffalograss turf is competitive against weeds. Prairie buffalograss is responsive to low levels of nitrogen fertilization (1 to 3 pounds of actual N per 1,000 square feet of area will provide acceptable quality turf). Color, competitive growth habit, and mature height are dependent on the level of fertilization provided. The area of adaptation for Prairie buffalograss extends from the South Texas Plains to Nebraska, with good turf persistence reported in Kansas, Illinois, California, Georgia, and Florida. Prairie will perform best on soils with a high clay content and with a neutral to alkaline soil pH.
Intended Use: Commercial,Residential
Mowing Height: 2" - 4"
Maintenance & Quality
Low Seed Head Formation Low Fertilizing Frequency
Bi-Weekly Rotary Mowing Frequency Medium Fine Leaf Texture
Granny Smith Apple Green Color
Price Per Pallet:$Call For Pricing
(Price excludes shipping costs and taxes)
(450 sq ft per pallet)
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