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TifSport is a fine-textured, cold hardy, herbicide tolerant grass. It has a very consistent rich dark green color. TifSport is a hybrid variety of Bermuda grass selected for tolerance to close mowing, turf quality and mole cricket non-preference. It is attractive to turf managers because of its high density and rapid regeneration from activity damage. Morphological Characteristics: Shoot growth (thirty-two days) from 10 cm plugs growing in the greenhouse in October was 10.7 cm tall for TifSport and 20.6 cm and 14.9 cm for Midiron and Tifway, respectively. Leaf length was 5.6 cm for TifSport compared to 10.7 cm for Midiron and 7.0 cm for Tifway. Leaves of TifSport were narrower (1.2 mm) compared to 2.2 mm for Midiron and 1.4 mm for Tifway. More than five times as many shoots were produced from a 10 cm plug of TifSport (475) compared to 87 from Midiron. In three year old sod mowed weekly at 2.5 cm, internode lengths of horizontal stolons and vertical shoots were shorter for TifSport (1.2 cm and 0.6 cm, respectively) than for Midiron (2.5 cm and 1.0 cm) and Tifway (1.5 cm and .08 cm). TifSport also had shorter and narrower leaves (1.5 cm and 1.2 cm, respectively) than Midiron (2.0 cm and 1.9 cm) and leaves similar to Tifway (1.6 cm and 1.2 cm).
Intended Use: Commercial,Golf,Residential,Sport
Mowing Height: 1/4" - 1 1/2"
Maintenance & Quality
Low Seed Head Formation High Fertilizing Frequency
3 times weekly-Reel Mowing Frequency Fine Leaf Texture
Rich Dark Green Color
Price Per Pallet:$Call For Pricing
(Price excludes shipping costs and taxes)
(450 sq ft per pallet)
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